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Mexico Beach Memorial Reef

This reef was built to give friends and family a place to commit the ashes of their loved ones to the sea. Burial at sea is an ecological way to provide a final resting place. Deployed 28 Sep 2010 8 Florida Artificial Limestone Reefs (FLAR) by Reefmaker; Pyramid shape–8′ High with 10′ base. 1 Ecosystem by Reefmaker; Cylinder shape–6′ High with 4.5′ Diameter. The coordinates above are for the Ecosystem at the center of the array. The 8 FLARs in the array lay North, West, South and East of the array center at distances ranging from 20-190 feet. This site has been verified by MBARA research divers Carol and Bob Cox on 15 May 2013.

Car Body

REEF ID: 122
Latitude: 29° 54.567 N
Longitude: 85° 32.360 W
Range: 6.2 nm
Bearing: 247
Depth: 61 feet

Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.

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