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Chuck Guilford Reef

As a tribute to Chuck Guilford, friends made a generous donation to MBARA and dedicated this reef in Chuck’s honor. Chuck is a proud military retiree. He is a fourth generation native of Mexico Beach and former mayor, who owns Charisma Charters which has been running fishing trips since 1972. Chuck was an early pioneer in reef building, putting down artificial reefs off Mexico Beach as early as 1972. Chuck, along with his brother, father and George Holland, used their own boats and rented a barge and crane to build the first Mexico Beach reef known as The Car Bodies. Over the years he has personally been involved in deploying numerous artificial reefs we now enjoy for fishing and diving. After the establishment of MBARA in 1997, Chuck became an avid supporter of the organization. Chuck has a love for the sea and fishing and enjoys sharing his knowledge of both. He will enjoy fishing his reef and hopes all of his friends and other anglers visiting the area will enjoy it also. To assist in placement of future reefs please contribute to MBARA. The reef was deployed 28 Sep 2010. Eight Florida Artificial Limestone Reefs by Reefmaker; pyramid shape–8′ High with 10′ base. Two Ecosystems by Reefmaker; cylinder shape–6′ High with 4.5′ diameter. Three Grouper Reefs by Reefmaker; 2′ H X 8’L X 5’W. This reef was built under FWC Grant 10161. Position verified by Bob Cox on 1 Oct 2020. Structures scattered and partially buried.

Car Body

REEF ID: 124
Latitude: 29° 55.432 N
Longitude: 85° 32.534 W
Range: 6 nm
Bearing: 255
Depth: 59 feet

Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.

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