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Capt Bill Fite Memorial Reef

This reef is in honor of the late Capt Bill Fite.  Do not be sad when you anchor the boat at my reef.  I’m not really there and I’m sure not asleep.  I am the warm gulf breeze that ruffles your hair.  I’m in the salt spray that cools your face so fair.  I am the deep hearty laughter in a life fully played.  I am the quiet satisfaction of the deal well made…. by a man who also knows how to give.  In the hearts of my family and friends I will always live.  So do not anchor at my reef and cry.  You know I am a legend……and legends never die.

Written by: Krista Morgan In honor and memory of “The Cap”.   22 ARI Pyramids (2 Sm, 8 Med, and 12 Lg) deployed on 6/3/1999. Position verified by Bob Cox on 28 Sep 2020.  Structures scattered and appear to be mostly buried.

Car Body

Latitude: 29° 53.636 N
Longitude: 85° 31.585 W
Range: 6.08 nm
Bearing: 235.6
Depth: 52 feet

Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.

Reef Photos