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Sharyn Joy and Terry Kerns Memorial Reef

“Sharyn Joy Kerns” September 11, 1950 – November 17, 2015.  The spelling of “Sharyn”.  Her Father named her.  He wanted to Share in the Joy.  Joy simply loved.  Joy loved her family, friends, making music with her flute or piccolo, her bees, gardening, selling her produce and honey at the local Farmers Market, travel, cross word puzzles, dogs, being near the sea, fishing, along with an insatiable curiosity for the world.  And she loved me.  Raised primarily in Irving, TX, and living near Lake Dallas, TX, Joy moved for work to the Atlanta, GA area in 1991.  In 1995, on the Front Porch of the house they had built together, with friends and neighbors present, she married Terry Kerns.  A few years later they were able to buy a Canal Front Townhouse together in Mexico Beach that would become a gathering place for those family and friends that she loved so much.  Weeks filled with laughs, good food, drinks, storytelling and of course fishing.  Most years also included a “Girls Trip” to Apalachicola via the Intracoastal Waterway.  In their twenty-five or so years together, Joy and Terry were able to not only do all the things they loved but were ready to move it all to a bigger stage.  Joy was planning to retire in early 2016 and together they would start that “retirement” with a trip to Peru, an Amazon River Trip and the Galapagos Islands.  In October of 2015, Joy was diagnosed with cancer, and shortly after began her first chemotherapy treatments. Within days of starting the treatments, she became sick from the treatments and subsequently passed away on November 17.  Joy is buried at the Georgia National Cemetery near Canton, GA.   Joy was a member of the Roswell New Horizons Band in Roswell, GA and a member of the Georgia Farm Bureau.  She never met a Posted or No Trespassing Sign that didn’t mean “except for Joy”.  She always wanted to see what was on the other side.  Terry’s Obituary: Terry Madison Kerns loved many things in life.  Many would agree four main loves of his life were his wife Joy, his family, working in his garden and living in Mexico Beach, Fla.  In 1998 Terry and Joy were looking for a Florida get away home.  Many of the towns they were familiar with were over built lacked the home town feel they hoped to find in their second home.  A friend suggested Mexico Beach.  They immediately fell in love with the town and its unique charm. They found a community of like-minded anglers who supported their ever-growing love off the water.  Over the years Terry spent more and more time in Mexico Beach developing friendships and becoming increasingly civic-minded with the local community.  In Mexico Beach he hosted friends and family, participated in numerous fishing tournaments, and helped many have memories that will last a lifetime.  Terry knew every restaurant and store within 20 miles and could share a story of what made each of them special.  In 2013 Terry and Joy decided to begin the transition to become full-time Mexico Beach residents.  One night they went to buy a few fishing poles from a family who were selling off most of their things and moving out west.  Terry bought the fishing poles…and then the whole house.  Unfortunately, Terry and Joy were never able to fully make the transition to Florida.  Joy passed away in 2015 and almost two years to the day later he joined her.  Terry Kerns lived a life that took him all over the globe.  He visited almost every continent and explored cities and taverns all over the world.  Through all this the placed he felt most at home was on the water off of Mexico Beach.  Please join his family and friends the next time on the water and pass over his and Joy’s reefs.  Lift a glass to Terry and his adopted home.

3 Florida Limestone Artificial Reefs (1 with a plaque) and 1 Grouper Reef.  Verified by MBARA diver Bob Cox on 10 May 2016.  Two Ecosystems on pedestals added on 22 Apr 2017 to the North end of the reef.  On 20 Apr 2018, a memorial for her husband, Terry Kerns, was added and consist of a Florida Limestone Artificial Reef with a plaque.  Position verified on 4 May 2020.

Crooked Island Site

REEF ID: 178
Latitude: 29° 55.458 N
Longitude: 85° 32.683 W
Range: 6.2 nm
Bearing: 255
Depth: 60 feet

Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.

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