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Robert Boyd Memorial Reef

This reef is placed in loving memory of our dad, Robert (Bob) L. Boyd. Bob served in The U.S. Navy as an ATN2 and did specific work on the Loran-C navigation system. Bob loved to fish as much as anything and we will always remember his joy of being on the water. This reef consists of 2 Florida Limestone Artificial Reefs deployed on 2 May 2022. Surveyed by divers Bob and Carol Cox on 30 May 2022..

Crooked Island Site

REEF ID: 265
Final Reef Placement: 5/2/2022
Latitude: 29° 55.460 N
Longitude: 85° 35.855 W
Range: 8.8 nm
Bearing: 260
Depth: 73 feet

Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.

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