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Marlin Ray Trotter Memorial Reef

The Trotter family wishes to thank the Mexico Beach Marina for their donation to MBARA that made the Marlin Ray Trotter Memorial Reef possible. Marlin was always an outdoorsman who enjoyed hunting, guns and just being outside! Growing up in a small town in Tennessee, most of his outdoor time was in the woods and mountains, but he always enjoyed a beach trip too! He fell in love with Mexico Beach the summer before he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Thoughts of the beautiful Mexico Beach white sand and pier fishing with his family always were spoken of with a smile. He dreamed of one last boat trip with our dear friends the Mulligans and catching one of the beautiful Mexico Beach red snapper or a giant grouper. Thanks MBARA for building habitats that support not only fantastic businesses like the Mexico Beach Marina, but also fulfill the dreams and honor the memories of people like Marlin that loved his family, friends and God’s awesome creation. 2 Florida Limestone Artificial Reefs–2 Grouper Reef– and 1 Ecosystem. Deployed 6 Apr 2013 with funding from FWC Grant 12102 and MBARA. Position verified by deployment supervisor–Bob Cox–on 31 May 2020..


Latitude: 29° 45.656 N
Longitude: 85° 36.713 W
Range: 14.6 nm
Bearing: 220
Depth: 89 feet

Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.

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