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Lewis Allen Brooks Reef

When my husband unexpectedly passed away at the young age of 60, my sons and I were devastated and heartbroken! However, we knew exactly what he wanted. Al was an avid fisherman all of his life. From growing up near the Chesapeake Bay to living in Florida and working for a charter company as a young man, fishing was in his blood. He fished in the King Fish Tournament sponsored by the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association for many years and always knew he wanted to be a part of the ocean. Mr. Bob Cox put me in contact with Reef Maker at Walter Marine in Orange Beach, Alabama and Al’s dream came true. I corresponded with Stewart Walter and Bob Cox via email and everything was ready and waiting for us when we arrived to build Al’s reef. They made this so easy for me and my family! Shane Thomas met us at Walter Marine and guided us through everything we needed to know in order to carry out my husband’s wishes. It was a very emotional time for us, but with so many of our family and friends there, and the support of this association, we made it through. We are very pleased with the way his reef turned out. Thank you, Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association and Walter Marine, for making this occasion special for me, my children, and our family. Paige Brooks & family Reynolds, GA. One Florida Limestone Artificial Reef deployed 22 Apr 2017. Position verified by Bob Cox on 26 Sep 2020.


REEF ID: 225
Latitude: 29° 44.210 N
Longitude: 85° 41.912 W
Range: 18.9 nm
Bearing: 227
Depth: 104 feet

Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.

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