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James W. Miner Memorial Reef

This reef is dedicated to James W. Miner. James (Jim) W. Miner, an Indiana Hoosier, was first introduced to Cape San Blas, FL in the Spring of 1992 by a fellow Hoosier turned Port St. Joe resident. Jim and his wife enjoyed their first trip to Cape San Blas so much they returned every Spring afterwards. As their family grew and trips to FL with the kids turned from quiet days on the beaches of Cape San Blas to things like trips to Disney, Clearwater or the Keys, Jim still longed for the quiet beaches and endless fishing off the Cape.
That is when a friend suggested a guy’s fishing trip to the Cape. The year was 1999. What started out as a couple guys renting a house out on the Cape, unplugging from the world for 4-7 days in late April has turned into an annual tradition with 8-10 guys on the invite list and growing. This tradition has carried on for so long that now the guest list includes a few second generations.
April of 2022 will be the last fishing trip off the beaches of Cape San Blas for Jim Miner but his memory will live on through the MBARA on a reef 5 miles due West off the very beach he loved so much.
This reef consists of 1 Ecosystem and 2 Florida Limestone Artificial Reefs deployed on 4 Apr 2012 under FWC grant 11224 and MBARA funding. Position verified on 5 May 2020.


REEF ID: 134
Latitude: 29° 43.594 N
Longitude: 85° 28.809 W
Range: 13.6 nm
Bearing: 191
Depth: 66 feet

Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.

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