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Emerald Mermaid by Charles-Bowling-Yates Our Family Reef

It all started with 2 people (George and Melda) that loved to fish….they raised two daughters (Ruth and Bev) that loved to fish….they married 2 men (John and Timmy) that loved to fish and they raised 7 children between them (TJ, Luke, Melody, Tommy, Daniel, Wade and Bethany) yes, that is right, they love to fish.
Wonderfully, that couple raised those 2 daughters 7 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren. Guess what? That’s right, they all like to fish and love the water.
One of those daughters (Ruth) fell in love with Mexico Beach FL and introduced it to her husband (John) and her 4 children (TJ, Luke, Melody, Bethany), 12 grandchildren (Noah, Zach, Madison, James, Ethen, Thomas, Blaine, Kylie, AJ, Drake, Camryn, Bryson). They also fell in love with this town and the area. They were blessed to come there on vacation as much as possible and eventually were blessed to buy a home there (Emerald Mermaid). One day along came hurricane Michael and blew that house away. Thank God they were able to rebuild that home and make it better. Hopefully the love of this town, fishing and water will continue for generations to come for our precious family. We wanted to purchase this family reef to provide as many good benefits that these waters can offer to the future generations of family fishermen. We are thankful to have this reef, we named it in honor of our families and the home that God gave us here.
Emerald Mermaid by Charles- Bowling- Yates, Our Family Reef
xoxo Enjoy it as you pass with health, safety and love.

6 piling mounted Ecosystems deployed on 3 May 2017 under FWC/NRDA Grant 15158. Verified 3 Jan 2021.

Bell Shoal

REEF ID: 240
Latitude: 29° 54.266 N
Longitude: 85° 27.029 W
Range: 2.9 nm
Bearing: 201
Depth: 19 feet

Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.

Reef Photos