Drew's Reef

“Drew’s Reef” in memory of Drewey Hampton Pridgen, III This memorial was commissioned and constructed by Drew's father, Hamp Pridgen; sister, Rebekkah Heaton; and niece, Catherine Heaton. Drew's Reef was placed in its final resting place on 28 Sep 2010 with its plaque facing East. The plaque has the following inscription: Drewey H. Pridgen, III June 22, 1977 June 17, 2007 Drew, Let your soul sail, our dear son, brother and friend. The structure is an 8-foot high Florida Artificial Limestone Reef with a plaque facing East. The position of Drew's Reef was verified by MBARA divers Bob and Carol Cox 29 Sep 2010 with underwater photos, and on 15 May 2013 with photos and videos.

Reef Area: Car Body
LAT: 29 54.577
LON: 85 32.376
Range: 6.2
Bearing: 247
Depth: 60 feet
Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.