Corporate Friends of the MBARA

Corporate Friends of the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association provide the opportunity for businesses to offer their annual support for the MBARA. As a Corporate Friend of the MBARA, you will enjoy premier recognition on the MBARA website that will also include a link to your own Company's website. The MBARA will encourage all of it's members and visitors to support your business. All of our Corporate Friends will be recognized each year at the annual MBARA tournament and in the annual MBARA tournament publication.

In addition to the above, you will be helping to further the tremendous work of our volunteer organization with the continued deployment of artificial reefs. This will have a significant impact on the marine habitat and recreational activities such as diving and fishing. All businesses here on the Gulf Coast will ultimately benefit from this endeavor.

Now, more than ever, the MBARA needs your support. Your annual contribution of $300.00 for this membership will certainly go a long way in helping us continue this challenging yet noble cause. Contact us for more information at

Mexico Beach Marina
3904 Hwy. 98
Mexico Beach, FL 32410
(850) 648-8900
Corporate Friend
since 01/05/18

Bluewater Outriggers
Corporate Friend
since 01/01/09

Sand Dollar Cafe LLC
Corporate Friend
since 01/17/18

Cannon Beach Treasure Company LLC
Corporate Friend
since 05/18/18

Beach Realty of Cape San Blas
Corporate Friend
since 05/18/18

Must See Magazine
Corporate Friend
since 10/15/17