Reef Education

Since it's incorporation in 1997 the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA) has had as part of it misson the task of educating the public on the values of sustainable artificial reef fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico. The MBARA's website is used by educators as a source for information on sustainable artificial reef fisheries. The site offers video as well as still photography which is available for an educator to include in curricula.

The MBARA has also hosted marine ecosystem and artificial reef workshops for adults, as well as for children in public schools allowing many youngsters their first opportunity to get up close and personel with our marine ecosystems. For additional information about the MBARA's educational program contact Dr. Ron Childs.

Young Students Interested in Artificial Reef Programs

The MBARA is honored to exhibit the science project of Felisse Richard. She built this model of an artificial reef system illustrating the benefits and efforts we are making to restore damaged and lost marine habitats. Felisse is a 6th grade student at Emerald Coast Middle School and we hope to see her become a bright Marine Biologist some day!

Education Articles

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U.S. Rep. John Mica wades into proposed snapper ban

Red Snapper Medics Studying The Crash

Red Snapper Medics Studying The Crash

U.S. Rep. John Mica wades into proposed snapper ban

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